Secondary Schools Rugby: St Thomas of Canterbury v Shirley Boys High (2021)

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county everybody and welcome to first 15 rugby brought to you by land rover it is saint thomas canterbury taking on shirley boyce high school a beautiful afternoon here in canterbury but let’s get more on the conditions from the former tiate flyer upstairs absolute stunner here this afternoon in croatia’s welcoming these two teams right here on orange theory stadium absolutely beautiful pitch can’t wait for it these boys going to put some air in this ball and it’s going to be off the hook back up to you boys and shirley boys well they finished seventh last year in the canterbury competition here they are look for graeme that hook up a good solid player in that front row bars being kairua in the middle row looking to get their ball and nacio at number eight big advantage line player cranwell atkinson as well they’ll be looking to get over that advantage line offset play rangihouna at 15 a quality player at the backfield there their coach is chris vine and their opposition st thomas of canterbury established in 1961 and they had a good win last week 38-8 keep an eye out for the big front row though and redmond and nepal will control things in the halves and outstanding skipper and nicholas price and their coach is mark hammett [Laughter] oh [Music] god yes foreign oh something special carter which really makes this first 15 competition so special

Xem them kinh nghiem rua rau cu qua thuc pham sach va an toan tai day:

round two the canterbury first 15 competition and immediately marcel collects the ball and runs hard coming in from second five and now they look to go a little bit wider the loose head prop and through and just sticks the head down but he’s isolated not on the ball you can hear the clear instructions from the referee that the player wasn’t on the ball at consent sets a target so they’ve gone five phases and they’ve just gone lateral at this stage you have shirley boys great defense coming in from saint thomas of canterbury cleared from waiting they’ve got numbers here have shirley boys have been patient in this build up there’s basby gets it outside their own red zone again happy to challenge them down their side through antonio there he is again as the loose here prop through it been involved on a couple of occasions and i’ve got an advantage here the dummy from sully now they look to go wide and this is a great opportunity for let’s hold that one side flanker there and blacklit but they’ve got the advantage they’ll come back for patient build-up great defense i’m saying thomas cheers let’s go some thomas’s said thomas go to the big man in the middle they bring it down that’s good see it as well they’ve got plenty of players in front of the ball and now they break loose through leota leota six short gets the nice offload and here goes the right winger coming in looking for some work ball is there they’ve got good numbers out to the left here st thomas looking for some hard meters through the middle the pick can go again they’ve got another advantage here if they get nothing from this the pick and go on this occasion and colthard goes in jack coulthard gets the rewards 10 gone and saint thomas of canterbury led five nil kick to come here’s the drive they’re well set they break away again that’s it big number eight and then the numbers just arrive getting over that advantage line and it’s a good try open side look at number seven he comes in now scored a try last week and then just ran out of numbers surely boys thanks man nicholas price gets the maximum and they did a lot of defensive work in the opening four minutes of this game looking into that sun and that’s the problem as the ball bounces and now antonio again the captain boy hasn’t he been impressive in the opening 11 minutes of this game everything going his way they’ve got another advantage as well charges through the middle brings him two defenders cleared by waiting nice low body position from fruit looking for the steelers craig seth craig but the referees there’s no advantage well this is what it’s about in front of their mates from school they needed to get some rewards kt yeah great seller and an immediate reply to willie that’s the important thing for them no our three leave it so again ball is there looking for the turnover sith craig and here’s another penalty


field great defense coming in from palu held him up and was nice and strong all right leave it antonio roll he’s just a meter short advantage another penalty and here’s the blast no [Applause] you’re in front of the ball you can’t pick it up you’re not rolling it’s too much there you go you have to come [Applause] up is in the van they should put a scrum down here because of props in the bin but they’re going to tap and go chance their arm again through nasio just three short antonio now they use the backs sorry jordan sully put down a nice tackle manages to hold on to possession [Applause] again it’s the fours that rumble on it they’ve got another penalty this is about the eighth in a row [Applause] yeah i think it’s the hawking rocklin harris park [Applause] okay so we’ve got two penalties here against this man first one’s a lifting tackle where he’s placed the ball carrier in a dangerous position he’s taken him past the horizontal he’s come down to ground on his shoulder okay and then he’s made another tackle with no arms a grass cutting tackle okay it’s a yellow card dangerous tackling [Applause] [Music] the tight head prop goes from scrummaging to throwing the ball into blacklit who’s won five straight for them looking to try and bring in the defense and now they break away it’s like the opening of the red sea couldn’t believe it no one was home because the winger is off that’s what leaves the whole was a nice take originally just look at him pop his head up his head like there’s a bit of vision at the back of the rolling ball it’s good terrible dive but we’ll give him a pass and with the kick for water response absolutely perfect from jordan soli and it is now 10-7 double-take and brings it down and now goes running looks to get a little bit wider beautiful bounce for sergio string [Music] sergio stringer good job from the reserve hooker has come on now the tick and go from the forwards looking to try and muscle it up gotham scored the first golfer gets close and he picks up a double full win backwards

look at the number seven comes into the back there the ball straight through and he’s still leg drives he still had to get through some defenders and he does it brilliant oh he’s a powerful young man he’s got vintages as well look at that determination only had eyes for the line just don’t mean there’s the conversion from nicholas prices great there he is the all black of 98 2003 there’s mark hammett no [Applause] before he had scored they pick it up and go again what a try beautiful work from fight fighter but how about the early celebration from final he knew it was coming no this would be a good shot of it does the fullback young man no i’m not well look at that all right need to i’m going to get one of those back behind the back passes out good get you some of that this nicholas price stays at a hundred percent i’m sure you had plenty of teammates at the ltkt that you saved them on this as well oh it’s good to see expression themselves but it just got the skill to chuck it anyway that’s what’s the cool thing about it then we’ll head to the break good performance from saint thomas of canterbury and they have outscored shirley boys three tries to one and lead at the break by 21 points the 10. redmond clears it they look to kick the bounce all important backwards open side flank it looks like he secured it now he drives forward saint thomas of canterbury inside the red zone quickly it’s released to palu palu goes running left number two offside they’ve still got an advantage and they’ve got plenty of players out the right hand side as well nice pass at the price price steps off the right price play around the inside price gets there we’ll get the end of it here that ball there is brilliant that’s into the captain’s edge just keep going look at this defend comes out the twist turning around bang over what a try that all started from the turnover then run from jack coulthard doing some great work at the breakdown on the opposite side of the field you’re right good footwork great power and strength still had a lot to do [Applause] involved again still with possession five phases and up to the right they go kairua draws in palu this man and peter cleaner tap and go here’s the captain antonio he’s given everything this afternoon now they’ve got to release them and so they’re three short options left and right he goes to the right sure reached out that’s a penalty double movement you were short stopped and then you reached out it’s a double movement fella oh just too tempting to reach out trying to get their backs involved and there’s the man that was winning the ball for them in the first half black lip they release nice and early standing out in the back says leo nacio started in jersey number eight now playing out in the backs and they give it to kairua hilton kaidua sets it in the middle this is better from shirley boys high school again it’s basby some assistance goes in shorts stay on again it’s the one off this occasion yes he does get the reward narcel denied a few moments ago on this occasion didn’t double bounce just went straight ahead so the half back wait he could keep delivering look at this here they’re in two they’re working in pairs to get over the advantage line and then this is just big man too strong and powerful and hungry to get over the line exactly what you’re talking about just look at the body position nice and low and powerful as you said no that’s a good shot of it gosh the two goal kickers have been in great touch i suppose it’s no surprise to many of us that are outside of canterbury that they’ve got first five eights that are terrific they’re kicking the ball no surprise however i haven’t put the commentator curse on solid no i haven’t and he just keeps his head down and just keeps doing what he’s been doing all afternoon great response from shirley boys high school they’re under the pump they’ve asked some questions and now the lead is just nine points with a nice offload and great hands look at him go the big man step off the left no celebrating from the tight head prop just hard work [Applause] catches up outside of the rest of his teammates what a run from the tight here crop you’re kidding me [Applause] he charges for it [Applause] forwards are just going to keep it here now they’re going meters short not far away seth craig is next no short he’s short he’s not sure he’s about six five handsome feet back pick and go to the left saint thomas the canterbury roll the sleeves up the forwards go to work brilliant defense again from shirley boy’s eye right around the boot laces now they counter rock turnover oh this is wonderful last feet now red hole beautiful play on i think it was sayaki that came off the wing to help out and now they look to try and run the ball leo the number eight gets it clears it back to his first five jordan solely [Applause] no relief yet because the ball is still in play ben castle didn’t see too much play in the first 50 minutes the left winger for saint thomas oh cannabi now they get the forwards involved in palu barrage nine they’ve got advantage here and they’ll come back for it offside backline [Applause] wow early absolutely look at this here before the line to get in the grab as well and then the pace and then to go on the outside look at the footwork that’s just outstanding then they arrived the cavalry arrived they kept the ball alive but surely boys they hang in there they hang tough [Applause] well this game last year round 12 it was the miles toyota championship it was 31-27 eight now antonio and the ball is in but they’re under pressure they need to get it out of there if they can antonio picks and goes he’s quick off the back looks to try and release gives it off to solly sully with a nice angle sally i think he’s dropped it oh no oh he got it down goodness me what a lovely line but what an offload from the captain and flanker to his first five and says help yourself yeah lovely set piece work there they were going back but antonio packing it eight he’s gone wide this is just in behind they’re number eight nasir at eight and over it goes we’ll get a good angle of it here kt yeah here’s the backboard there’s a deco runner you have to respect the running of yt this guy on the angle hits it nicely solid and he gets his skull right back and this gets to get it down yeah this fingers on that woody his fingers on that [Applause] well if he can convert here it just means it’s a five point game difficult angle [Music] seventeen and one seventeen and one [Applause] huh six that’s jasper shanahan with the blank jersey i’m sure that’s the uh the man that’s on kt because he has to because he’s the only one that’s on there correctly correct oh it was six down no wait [Music] has a short cameo appearance but they go through the middle through vanguard didn’t score one earlier where he thought he worked now he’s a meter shorts this will seal it for saint thomas was the man that scored it but referee brings them back yeah good call what a good call he’ll like their call too 29 appearances for the all blacks 81 for the crusaders 76 for canterbury a lot of coaching experience as well kt why is it when there’s a penalty and they decide to have a scrum that if the guy is sitting next to you as an old prop she has good decision crouch he doesn’t know what’s happening give it to the biggest look how quick they were shirley boys to get off the line desperate to defend their line here he is [Applause] as well it was after a big scrum bang through two of them over he goes he’s been super impressive this match the big tight end prop he can do it all he’s been packing at number eight that’s why he’s got plenty of school premium speed look what it means to the score in front of their mates as well [Applause] conversion is good from tapa wither that’s his first and so full time here saint thomas of canterbury too good the big shirley boys 36 22.

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