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Please subscribe to What’s Inside. – Welcome to sunny California. We just arrived at the Long Beach Airport and we’ve got our entire crew with us. We’re on our way to see What’s Inside, a Mr Beast YouTuber Challenge. It’s probably the biggest challenge that will be on YouTube this year. With 36 YouTubers, 12 different teams. Airsoft Battle Royale in real life. The winner take homes a $100,000 or $200K, I don’t know. Lincolns’ cousin Grant. – What’s up – [Dan] He’s a good gamer he knows all about Battle Royale. So, he’s taught us all we need to know. Zack or A.K.A. JerryRigEverything or A.K.A. – The Hitman. – The Hitman Agent 47. He’s been teaching us how to shoot guns properly. And then, upfront we’ve got Tyrell Crosby NFL offensive lineman, six seven, and 300 many pounds. Triple XL size hands. (dramatic music) We’ve arrived apparently. This is the place. Nobody’s here, we’re like a half hour early. Check it out. –

[Boy] This place looks dope. – Okay it is coming down. We’re gonna of check it out and see what it look likes out here. First impressions without even going in, it is gonna be a muddy mess today. This is just one of the base. Go for it Lincoln , get in there. (laughing) (gasping) My shoe just sunk in mud. There’s just paint balls everywhere. – [Lincoln] They’re all over the place. – [Dan] Look at this place. Oh, this camera is getting wrecked. Look at these buildings, no room. Oh my God. Look at this bus. Looks like they burned it down to the ground. Look inside that thing. You can probably jump inside this bus through the window and hide. Oh, why am I walking in this? – Your gonna be rolling in it. (laughing) – Is that a plane? We got a plane behind us.

This looks like a movie set. These are what litters the floors, just paint balls. Look at this. But, the problem is they get all stuck on the corners. Like all in the edges of the buildings. And so, you have this pile of this really squishy, gooey mud. It’s like the slipperiest paint mud. People that actually make it far in this game are gonna be crazy dirty. These guys right here are building the guns that have been specially made for this event. – Gram, what kinda gun is this? – Wingman. – I don’t know much about the guns but, that’s a Wingman. Over on this side we’ve got all the other guns. Magazines full of bullets. Bullets right there. And then just guns and guns and guns. Look at all these right here. These are, I would imagine, are gonna be littered around the battle field, all ready to go, and you gotta run and find magazines, you have to find guns and then shoot the other peoples balloons, they have three balloons. The last team to have somebody standing from their team wins the $100,000. This is a big production. Big time. One thing that Mr Beast does, he goes all out on the food side of things. If you’re a vegan, it’s okay. If you’re a vegetarian, it’s okay. He has food options for you. Check out this spread. All this food. In here yummy sandwiches. Lots and lots of drinks. More drinks over here. And snacks, healthy snacks. – Wanted to say, hi. (crowd murmuring) – These guys are all going out to do a practice round. Check out the balloons, how close they are to your head. It’s gonna be all head shots today. We’re gonna get wrecked. (whistle blaring) (upbeat music) – Oh, Jesus. – Oh, that one. – [Dan] That’s crazy (yelling) (laughing) – [Dan] Check out this guy right here. He’s ready to go! – Yes, I’m so ready. – [Dan] Alright, this is Tanner Fox as you know on the back, Lil Fox. What’s your strategy today? – So the strategy is I’m martyr on Roman Atwoods’ team. So, we have a pretty good chance. – Oh, he knows guts. – The strategy though is to keep on moving, because Mr Beast told us, I mean if the balloons dies, you die. So, you have to keep moving, no ones shoots your balloons. How can you not take it up? – Perfect, there’s a pro right there. With Roman Atwood and Tanner Fox we maybe in trouble. – It’s gonna be insane. – [Dan] Look how close this is to your head. – I know! – Dude. – That’s why I got the hoodie on. – Okay, that’s smart. Alright, good luck. – Thank you, high-five. – Alright, check this out our friend Tyrell gave us a very good luck charm. Dude look at this jersey. Hold that up to you. Look at that, that is huge. (laughing) I don’t think you can wear that during the match, Lincoln. We’d get mud all over it. Thank you, Tyrell? (crowd yelling) Alright, so you saw me showing Roman down there. – Oh, you got the clips. – [Dan] Yeah, I was filming you. You hit the guy like ten times, and he didn’t go down. – Yeah, I don’t know dude, like you gotta put a lot of bullets into them. – [Dan] Your a pro with guns though, your always blowing stuff up. – I mean real guns. (laughing) – [Dan] Not Airsoft. Lincoln he was asking earlier, he was wondering does it hurt when you get hit? – Yes, it’s not bad, but you definitely feel it, but your so in the moment, you don’t feel it until the rounds over, and then your like, oh my God, I got nailed dude. – It’s gonna hurt. – The strategy is shoot the people in the body and then there like (yelling) and then shoot there balloons. – [Roman] Yeah, make their balloons go down. – I think that’s a great strategy against you, for sure, Lincoln. – Yeah, definitely. – [Dan] Take out on the seven year old! (laughing) – They got me good. – Oh my gosh. – That’s gonna welt up for sure. – Of course because your hands are open and there also up by your head. So, like the bullets are just spraying in. (laughing) – Tanner fox before he goes out there, check out his hands. – It’s hard not to. – Did it hurt or? Yeah, actually don’t feel it for sure. – Get some gloves. That’s pretty intense. Throwback to cutting up Kevin Durant shoes, and Lincoln somehow miraculously, once in a lifetime scoring on KD. – How’s it goin! Swoozi! – I’m here! We have a few YouTubers in the house. It’s happening. – You ready for do this? – I’m so ready. I won my practice round, so. – No way. – I did. – Were you wearing these shoes? – I was wearing these. – [Lincoln] How are they not dirty though? – I was standing in water the whole time. There’s water in the corner, that goes up this high. – [Dan] Wow, oh my gosh. – So then when I’m walking it’s squishy. – We’re a little nervous, a little nervous here. – Have you fired a air-softener before? – No, but yesterday we did. – Okay. – Briefly. – Your gonna do great. – This’ll be fun though. – Hey! – Yo, how you doin man. – Dude, Caspar was lookin for you guys. – Dude, Caspar we’re teammates. – Yeah (whispering) – I just found out – Yes. (crowd murmuring) Okay, the explanation is over. We know the rules. They’re gonna take us to our sections. It’s gonna be about a thirty minute game. And every seven minutes the storm closes. So, pretty intense. We get one magazine and then after that we just go in and find guns. – By the way, pardon me when it comes to the prize money are we just gonna split it, three ways? – I mean, yes. – Are you willing to do fifty-fifty with me, I’m to much of a nice guy. – We were wondering if we should do, we’re two from the same family, and him but. Okay. So, we’re gonna do it three ways. – I think if you guys win, you guys get 66.6666 – That’s not a good number. – [Lincoln] Lets go! – It doesn’t matter who wins. – Yeah okay. – Deal, deal. – On camera. – Let me get you on camera. – Your gonna go to a great university one day dude. – Yes! – Are you ready? – Yeah I’m ready. – You gonna be a gamer on this, you gonna play hard. – Yeah. – You gonna not cry when you get hit with the bullets? – Maybe. – I’m wearing like some Lebron basketball shoes that I found in my closet from like two years ago. I thought I was pretty smart, but turns out the smartest person in the game is from my buddy JoogSquad. Check this out! Baseball cleats, with metal cleats in the mud are you kidding me? – Two hundred IQ. (laughing) – Okay, did you think about that before you flew all the way out here, or did you buy the cleats. – Oh yeah. – Two hundred IQ is right. Alright, here’s our referee for the day we got Keemstar. I know your suppose to be impartial but, from what you seen and who you know, do you have a favorite team, that you think might pull out one for the win? – Honestly, the Australians here the Misfits. Pretty athletic. There pretty good with the FBSs but, I don’t know it could be anyone. You know you got the Roman Atwoods. I mean it could be anyone. – Alright it’s about to happen. We’re going, K take it easy on us. Alright, we’re on the green team. Apparently, this is it. We’re going in, going to battle. Hey if one of use goes down and all three of our balloons are gone and we’re near each other, we should probably like, lie low. – Oh yeah. – And then you know like, if we have any left. (horn blaring) – Go start moving to your spot. – We’re going in. Buddy watch yourself really – Wow – Whoa, this place is so muddy. – This is you area, right in this kinda zone from this pole here, to that box to this box. – Yes! – Sweet! – We got this! – Come on, come on. – Alright, here we are. We thought they said it’s ready. We’re waiting, we’re hidden just in this little corner. We’re team number eight, which is my lucky number. We see a gun right there in front of us. We see one right over there, – Right there. – and we see that one. (intense music) (horn blaring) – Lets go! There’s nobody. – [Running Man] Come on come on. – [Second Running Man] There’s nobody here. Hey right here, right here! How do they work? Lincoln, where you at? Where you at buddy? – Right here! – Okay, okay. – Grab another gun, get both. – I got both. Did you take it off semi-automatic? – Yeah. – Kay we got this. – Look at this I got two guns. This one is so heavy to you. – Hey come here. – [Lincoln] No don’t. – Don’t shoot, don’t shhot – [Lincoln] Don’t team like that. – [Dan] We might get banned if we don’t if we team. – [Lincoln] Okay, cool. – [Dan] I don’t know that we can team. [Caspar] You guys can come in here if you want. – [Dan] No, I don’t think we can team. They might get us in big trouble, I don’t know. I don’t know what the rule is. I feel like we should have asked that. – I think we can, I think. They didn’t say you couldn’t have team up. – I don’t know, I didn’t hear it. – White team! – [Narrator 1] Team green is right over there on the edge of the map. (electronic music) You see they have know idea what’s going on dude. I don’t even think this one has a gun. (gasping) He has one balloon left. Oh, distraction. Oh dude. (gasping) Oh see, he didn’t have a gun the whole time. (screaming) Wasted! – [Narrator 1] He’s out! – [Narrator 2] All three purples got wasted. It’s Tanner Fox, dude his balloon just got away, that sucks. There’s a team coming around. The white is still kinda coming. We got one guy right there. These guy coming around on the left over there. There’s another behind that cave right there. There coming back again, huh? Oh, they lost a balloon. It just flew away. – Hey they are pushing us. (gun firing) – [Narrator 1] Got’em. I got’em. (gun firing) There they go, there moving. There leaving. Okay, come on. Green, pink, every bodies camping. I want to take them out. What’s the rule in teaming. I don’t think anybody asked that. In normal gaming, you can’t team with other teams. Like partner up with them. What’s the rule here, that’s the question I’m wondering. – Uh, I’m not sure, honestly. – That be a good question ’cause, if other teams are doing it. Cause we could partner up with the other green team. We’re all green. (popping) – What the? – (gasping) – Who shot that? – The GoPro, the GoPro popped it. – Here comes the green team. – I know we’re green team, but I don’t think we’re allowed to do this. – What’s the rule can we team with them or not? – We’re basically not in control of the game so, you guys can do whatever. – You asked them now and they were like. – Yeah So, you guys can do whatever. – Hey, thank you. – So, basically the last person standing. – Perfect, we just confirmed guys. We can do whatever we want, until it comes to the end. Then obviously, who ever wins out of us. Yeah, here we go. Orange. (gasping) Dang it. There in that little house. Here we go, there’s orange. Do you see them. – I don’t know how many bullets I have left though. – You got two? – I got two guns, I don’t know how many is in there. Anthony right? – Yeah. – Hi, I’m Dan. Dan the dad. – [Cameraman] Dan the dad. Okay we have to go. Good guys, I know where the orange team is, there hiding in like a cave. – The sacrifices I make. – We could take them out. There not that far away, there just right over there, but. (horn blaring) – That’s the first storm. – Green, here’s pink, catch pink! Heres orange, there coming guys! Back to the house! Right there orange, pink right there. Here’s a gun. (shuffling) – The shooters are right there. There shooting! – Where? – I got unloaded on when I walked over there. (Yelling) – Once he goes, we got to split. Deal. – Next surge is in seven minutes. – Well it was nice talking to you. – There’s not many pink man, there gonna be shot at by at least one of us. – So. – Right there, right there. – Oh shoot. Dang it. – Oh there’s orange. Orange is in that thing. – Get down, get down, get down. They’re gonna shoot. – [Cameraman] There shooting at you balloons, through that crack right there. Kay. Storm. Move. Lets go. Did you storm them? – Everyone go! They’re moving the storm! There moving the storm our way! – [Teammate] You lost, you only got one left? – [Cameraman] Okay, I lost two. – [Teammate] Pink is over here. (guns firing) – I wanna go all out and get those guys. Go, Anthony go! – I’m going! – Go, go, go! (gun firing) – Got two! – I got two of his. – Is mine dead? Do I have a balloon still? – How many balloons do I have? You have one. – How many do I have? – You have two. – Your out! Lincoln your out, your out. Sorry, buddy. Give me your gun, okay. Dang, Lincolns down. I got one ballon. (gun firing) – Lets see if I have any ammo. – What’s the game plan? That one is out. Shed that gun. – Yeah, you guys are killing it. – Where Casper go? Is he out? (heavy breathing) – Oh shit! – Am I out, am I out? – You have two left. – Dude, close. – What is that? – Oh my god! (gun firing) – Where they coming from. – Okay, okay. (gasping) (gun firing) Dang it, I just hit that ballon four times. – Cover me, cover me! – I just hit that ballon four times and it didn’t do anything. (gun firing) – Can you see them. – I’m out. – Your out. – Hey guys this one is barely loaded up. It’s in fully auto right now. – Thank you buddy. – I don’t know how much this has, I’ve had it forever. It’s out. – I’ll see. – Well it’s got a little bit. Want the whole gun? – No, I’ll take this. – Okay, good luck guys. I got taken out, by mister Tanner Fox and Roman Atwood team right there. They got me. Good job Roman Atwood Team and Tanner Fox team. I had one balloon left. I saw Lincoln go out a long time ago. I don’t know where Caspar is. How I get out of here, here we go. – [Team] Oh no! – I’m out. – What happen? – I’m out. Wait Caspar you were out? I couldn’t find you. I was like, where’d he go. – I got isolated and then, I was right behind the orange team. – Yeah. – You might see it in the GoPro, but I pulled the trigger and bit the bullet. – Tanner Fox got me. – Really, so one of the green team, was still all out there. – The other green team, they while I was with them one went down. One of them has one, one has two, and the other I think has two. – We got third. – Well guys, we didn’t get $100,000 on this one. – We took third? – We took third place. – Really? – I’ll take that. It was a good effort. Dang it Caspar, I’m so sorry man. – Honestly, dude. – We didn’t come through for you. It was a good battle. – You had fun. He lost 100k but he had fun. – I’m pretty sure this is the guy that got me out. – Did I? – I think so, did you shoot a green one? – Probably? – It was in the crate. – Yeah. – So, yeah it was pretty much Tanner Fox. He got me. – I got JooqSquad too. – Nice, good job. – I got JooqSquad out, I got JooqSqaud out. – What happened at the end? When you got out? – It was top three. It was our team it was like third, then me and Roman ran out of ammo. – (gasping) – So, we were just screwed. – That’s tough, the ammos tough, that’s how Caspar on our team got out. Okay, craziest thing. The green team won, the green team. So, I gave them all of my guns with magazines. They were almost out. And they were able to come back and win it. – (Crowd applauds) – There they are. There’s the winners of green team. – [Interviewer] What did you guys think of the dynamic of the battle royale here today. – It was really, really fun. Actually, we teamed with the light green guys. Yeah, right here! Right here! – Good job, guys! (cheering) (laughing) – Yeah! – Yeah! – Literally perfect. We were trading ammo. You guys had a lot of ammo, just kidding. – What was it like in the crows nest, for this thing. For you, could you see what was even happening, anything? – It was hard threw the double layer of mesh net, but it was cool seeing all the baloons and the fighting and stuff like that, we could see most of it. – I thought you guys one at first, of course both teams had green balloons. So I was a little excited. – If they gave out a award for camping you guys would win. – I took out two people. At least I did that, but yes we did get blocked. So close. Like I can’t decide if it’s better or worse than the team that we teamed with who won the thing, it’s almost like it hurt a little more. Cause it’s like, that could’ve been us, even more so. I don’t know how Mr Beast is gonna edit this video, but he edit it in a way, we’re totally the bad guys. – But, we asked them like ten times. – We did, we totally asked them, it was on camera. – [Camera Man] One, two, three! (camera flash) – Alright, this is the guy, who put this whole thing on, Mr Beast, of course you guys know him. That was a blast. We didn’t win, but it was fun. – Yeah, it was really fun. – I’m glad you had fun, that’s all I really wanted. – There goes $200,000, I mean. And some. – I mean. – Thank you to Apex Legends for sponsoring his video. – Alright, that was awesome guys. Make sure you check out his video. We didn’t win, but maybe we’ll come back again. – If you’re not already subscribed to What’s Inside?. – There you go, you heard it right here, subscribe to PewDiePie. Hey moral victory, doesn’t count, but I feel good that I helped out the team that won. We were this close to $100,000. Our partners won. We should have made a deal to split the money. Okay, part number two is about to go down. This is the second chance. The one I told you it’s another $100,000. Agent 47

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